We plant trees where they don’t grow on their own so we can breathe better…
…so the Earth can breathe better

We plant trees where they don’t grow on their own so we can breathe better…   …so the Earth can breathe better

Here’s how we’re doing it, and how you can help us . . .

Did you know that just one large tree – like a mature oak – can give you and a few of your friends and family members a day’s supply of oxygen?
Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Did you know that just one large tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of pollution (carbon dioxide) to help clean the air?

And – did you know that over the last 20 years, roughly 4% of the global lands have turned into deserts…

…and it’s predicted that an additional 9% of all land will be turned into deserts within the next 20 years?

Source: Global Statistics.

1 large tree lost is 1 day of oxygen lost for up to 4 people, and up to 48 more pounds of pollution on top of that.

According to the US Forest Service, our country is losing 36+ million trees a year.

Now, think about what it will be like for our children’s children’s children.

Read just a little bit more to see how you can help.

We are Deserts to Forests – an inspirational, ingenious organization who are more than just tree huggers,
our goal is to be tree planters.

Our goal is to plant trees where they don’t grow on their own, like deserts and arid lands, so we can breathe better – so the Earth can breathe better. (Arid lands are drylands caused by too many droughts and over-exploration and/or use.)

Excessive Heat Warning

And having fewer days of 100+ degree temperatures,
and droughts is a plus! +

It’s estimated that since the middle of June, 2024, 75+ million people in the United States felt the extreme heat, which is roughly 23% of the population.

That’s just 1 country out of 195 countries.

Now, think about what it will be like in the very near future.

The goal of the Deserts to Forests organization is to help plant trees that will turn into a woodland, and then into a forest.

One tree at a time, one day at a time, until a forest of life-saving trees are up…

…and high temperatures and pollution go down.

“Well wait a minute here – deserts are deserts for a reason.
There is not enough rainfall, so how is this going to work?”

Some of you are probably thinking that right now. But did you know that there are huge amounts of water deep underground that can be brought to the surface, closer to the roots, and even to the surface?

Did you also know that plants and trees make rain? They “drink” the water, and then exhale some of it into the air. Clouds are then formed, which creates rain, which, in turn, puts water back into the ground.

That, folks, is how drylands are being transformed around the world.

“Okay, so why aren’t governments planting trees in deserts and arid lands?”

There are some governments around the world who are. They are transforming the edges of the deserts into woodlands and expanding out, which will eventually become a forest.

But for the other governments who are not doing anything, or not enough, like the United States – that’s a good question.

It’s frustrating when there are so many things they can, and should be doing, but they are not, or they are not doing enough!

See these cool videos on how deserts and arid lands are slowly changing
into woodlands, and how you can help speed up the sprouting . . .

  • Just one large tree can give you and a few of your friends and family members a day’s supply of oxygen…
    …while also helping to clean the air.

    Now think of hundreds of thousands of trees!

  • You can point to some of the trees, and say: “I helped plant ‘em.”
  • Think about your children’s children’s children living on a cleaner Earth.
  • Have you ever felt any responsibility for why so many trees have been or are being destroyed?
  • Well, here is the perfect opportunity to do something about it!

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